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Change Order of Episodes

Episodic podcasts (default)

Specify episodic for stand-alone episodes or when you want your episodes presented and recommended last-to-first. This option also supports seasons, with the newest episode at the top.

The order of your episodes in Apple Podcasts, in your embed players, and on your public Buzzsprout page will reflect the the order of your episodes in Buzzsprout. It’s a really simple process to reorganize your podcast episodes.

  1. Locate the episodes that are out of order
  2. Edit the episodes by clicking the pencil icon below the podcast name Change Episode Order

  3. Edit the Publish Date to move the episode order Schedule Podcast Episodes

  4. Click Save Episode Details

Once you’ve save the episode, head back to the episodes page to see if your episodes are in the correct order. Repeat steps 2–4 for any remaining episodes that are out of order. After a few more edits your page will look like this!

Serial podcasts

Specify serial when you want your episodes presented and recommended first-to-last. This option supports narratives, storytelling, thematic, and multiple seasons. Use the season number, episode number, and episode type fields in Buzzsprout to set the appropriate order.

Time to update

Your Buzzsprout public page will update immediately, but iTunes will typically take up to 24 hours to reflect these changes.