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The Definitive Podcast Directory List

iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio are the three largest podcast directories.

Now that you’ve picked a podcast hosting service and started to investigate podcast directories, you need to know where to list your audio files. You’ve probably run across lists of outdated directories with endless dead ends, and you’re starting to feel like you’ve wasted your time.

After all, isn’t everything Stitcher, iTunes, and iHeart Radio these days?

While that’s largely true, there are some major reasons to consider working with smaller directories, as well. Since your podcast is likely about a specific topic within a niche. You might be able to find a directory that focuses on podcasts in your subject area.

Smaller directories that have stayed afloat for years are successful for another reason. By curating the podcasts they list they have created a dedicated audience; people who know what they are looking for, and why.

Many of the smaller directories are run by listening apps. If you could search for a podcast in the app you use to listen, wouldn’t that be easier than popping over to a larger search engine?

We recommend getting your podcast listed in as many relevant directories as possible. After all, more exposure (especially when little effort is involved) can lead to a larger audience and a more credible image for your podcast.

Here’s a list of what we consider to be the best podcast directories on the web:

General Directories for All Types of Podcasts

  • Digital Podcast - Easy to use directory. Podcaster friendly, and listener-loved. Powers the AllPodcast.com and others.
  • Double Twist - Cross-platform music and audio player that hosts its own directory for podcasts.
  • Fluctu8 - Great directory and it is free to list.
  • FMG Podcasting - This directory began as Women in Podcasting, but now includes men, and touches on a numerous subjects, not limited to gender issues. They focus on "Life in Balance."
  • iPodder - iPodder carefully curates their podcast directory by hand-picked the podcasts they will list. Getting listed in iPodder is a mark of high-quality podcast.
  • iTunes - The biggest, best, and most important. This podcast directory has the largest audience and most universal reach.
  • Learn Out Loud - The majority of podcasts on this site are educational or informative. List your podcast here by submitting the information to [email protected] and asking for your podcast to be added to their directory.
  • Miro - Podcast list run by the Miro listening app.
  • Plazoo - News, blogs, and audio - easily searchable, and adding your feed to their directory is a breeze.
  • Podcastpedia.org - This new podcast directory is quickly rising to the top, and is easier to use than most. Their listings are structured to help you get found, adding another reason to list with them.
  • Stitcher - New, growing quickly, and smarter than most other options. If you list nowhere else, consider Stitcher and iTunes as top priorities.
  • iHeartRadio - This is one of the largest streaming radio and podcast directories on the web. If you want to be included in their directory, you need to inquire by sending an email to [email protected]
  • TuneIn Radio - According to http://www.richardfarrar.com, "To submit your podcast to this directory you need to [email protected] with your show’s title, geographical location,cover art (1200 x 1200px, JPG or PNG, less than 2MB), RSS feed URL, website address, genre, twitter handle (optional) and your e-mail address."

Niche Podcast Directories

If your podcast is tied to a media outlet, check to see if there is an in-house directory that you can join. For example, NPR has a podcast directory that lists program podcasts from radio stations across the US, as well as nationally-syndicated programs.

Marketing Podcasts - If your podcast is about marketing and you have at least 5 reviews on iTunes, head over to marketingodcasts.com to get your podcast listed.

Getting Listed

Your podcast is a professional, well-planned production. Keep your image that way when you submit it to directories. Understand that many of the best directories won’t accept any podcast they come across - they want the best. In the list above, you probably noticed that many of them made their reputation that way.

How can you make a good impression?

Be timely when providing any supplemental materials the directories may ask for. Keep your emails and messages concise, polite, and informative. Have a personality, but one that other people want to see more of, not one they flee from. And most importantly - be polite. Directories are doing you a favor, not working for you.

Now get to it - the world is waiting for your content. Start submitting to the directories listed above, and promote your content (include URL for promoting your podcast page). After all, if you don’t spread the word, no matter how many directories you are in, your audience won’t know your podcast exists.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.